Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ridge running...

So, Simon's bullbar and underbody protection came from Tesser 4x4, so on that went. Seemed good enough, although the bullbar required some drilling as the holes wouldn't line up, but it's all on there now, solid as a rock. The underbody protection is good. Went on easy, and had a good weight to it. 

 Summer is pretty much here, (by summer I mean not snowing, and no longer require multiple layers of clothing), so we went for a small jolly on the ridge above his village. We also tried out his new Go-pro Hero HD camera. The battery was used up pretty quick as someone who shall not be mentioned managed to leave it on so we only had a few bars of elastictrickery. 

 360 view from the top of the ridge. 

Go-Pro footage

Galaxy tab stuck to a windscreen footage.

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