Friday, 3 February 2012

Bloody freezing...

Well, the snow has been coming down the last few days, so we figured we'd best get out and attempt to give ourselves frostbite, and do a Fiennes with a rusty junior hacksaw at a later date. The temperature was -18 degrees celcithingies, so being stuck, and lingering about meant frozen nostrils, toes, and fingers pretty damned quick. It was 2-1 to Simon on this trip. I was towed out of trouble twice, and he just the once! Damnit!

Some of the snow was pretty deep. Haven't really got a pic of it, but the snow was ploughing over the top of the bumper. 

Simon off for a reconnouter. Innocuous looking brown skid marks on the roads were not there before I drove over them. Much to'ing and fro'ing to get out. A large ice puddle lay ahead, so we went to see if the ice was thick, and how deep the water was underneath...

Simon is well house trained. Look, he even buried his squits in the forest!

Hard to see, but largish ice patch...

The moment the ice broke, and I got stuck! 

Out in the meadows, heading for a frozen river.

The frozen river. From here to the far bank was pretty thick ice, but the water depth was only 6-8 inches underneath, so we had a little play. I ended up getting grounded on some ice! :-( 

Little open patch of water. 

Simon making his way up the little river. No bother.

Me, on the other had, managed to ground on a hunk of ice, and couldn't shift it.

Not a hope in hell of me putting my feet in that water to get the tow rope on.

A wee stream we went over a few days before, this time with a bunch of snow, and ice.

The backwoods trails were much more 'crunchy' than earlier visits. The mud oozed up by the 6x6 logging trucks froze, and was like concrete. Grounding, and scraping was common.

A vid from bits and bobs. 

Very blurred, but figured I'd post it anyway.

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