Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Suzuki

'98 Suzuki Vitara Tintop

Pretty much bone stock at the moment, with the exception of the Malatesta Kobra Trac NT tyres on 4 corners; the buggers didn't have a 5th for the spare :-( 

Seems to do OK stock, at the moment, anywhohows. I do have plans. There are some AVM hubs on the way from which I'll throw on as soon as they get here. As for other mods, I'm thinking a few inches should suffice for the offroading I do. Probably done with spacers, and a diff drop bracket, as I'm no rock crawler. I would like a locker/LSD, but deciding what to get is a bit of a brain musher. LSD is more expensive, but should be better for on road manners, but the auto lockers are cheaper, but will do the clickety death noise of doom thing. Not sure I'd get on well with that. I'll have to do a little research. 

Oh, and there is a local chap who may be able to fabricate a bumper for the front. Who knows. Whatever happens I'll update as soon as I know anything.

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