Thursday, 30 June 2011

Simon's Pinin

2003 Mitsubishi Pinin 1.8 GDI

The Pinin was off the road for a good few weeks after it was bought so it could have a full bifta service done, as well as fix the pesky high pressure fuel pump issue. After much faffing about in Bulgaria, he sourced one in the UK for 250 squids. After that was sorted, and it was finally on the road, Simon began researching lift options. 

 Well, for a Mitsubishi 'Pajero' these were very few and far between. The issue is that in their wisdom Mitsubishi decided to seat the spring cup directly above the tyre, meaning that you could only increase the tyre size by a very small margin. many emails, and hours spent trawling the internetwebs looking for other owners who had managed to source parts with which to lift the Pinin. Eventually he found some that may work. I'll update when he does so! 

Tyre wise, Simon opted for the Bridgeston Dueller AT's as he was still unsure of the lift options, and whether an MT would be too big even in a size that 'should' fit. Still, these were the same tyres I used on my Isuzu Amigo in the US, and they got me all over the place in the Adirondacks. 

probably the best thing about the Pinin is the rear diff and it's Torsen LSD gubbins hidden away inside. Works very well from what we have seen thus far. 

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