Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Trip to Shipka, and the plains...

So we decided to head off to the other side of the Stara Planina mountains. We decided to head to Kazanlak which was far nicer than expected. We found a campsite just outside that had a motel, camping grounds. We decided to take the manly route, and go for the ever so romantic little triangle cabin type thing. Not bad for a tenner a night.

Starting the day, we decided to head into the hills. 

You can see the view from the top of the mountain. In the distance you can see the reservoir which we'll be going round tomorrow. 

Really bright, and hot day... Until you get into the forest... 

View from one of the trails running down the hill.

It hasn't rained for nigh on 2 months here, with temps well into the mid to late 30's for much of that. The first water we found! :-D

So, we worked our way up, and down the mountain, and headed over to the reservoir. It was dark, and we drove around it in the pitch black. No pics, but we planned to go back the next day...

So, next morning, we headed to the reservoir, and the plains.

In this pic you can see the famous Buzludzha monument. We'll be driving up to that, (literally), later.

More touristee style pics. 

Wee bar we had a wee drinky in.

And another bar for another drinky, (it was hot). View across the garden, to the dam.


On the plain itself, there are plenty of man made mounds. The best thing we can figure they are for is tied in with the story of the Shipka Pass, and the battles that went on between the Russians, and the Turks back in the late 1800's. Some still appear to have the stone gun emplacements still in position, such as this one.

We found one that had already been used for a bit of 'recreation', so figured we'd have to go up the bugger. On the far side was a foxhole position. 


So on up a backtrail to Buzludzha

The little road up to the car park at the monument was closed, for some reason. Why the hell they do not use it to actually generate some revenue I don't know. So, we took a back trail, and actually just drove up to the monument on the backside of the hill.

Pic from the opposite hill we magnificently climbed in our flip flops. Getting down was amusing. 

Pretty much level with the monument.

Cars looking very small down below. Numpty has left his lights on.

360 degree from the top

Well, that is the lot. Pretty good trip. very much enjoyed it. 

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